Kym Lawn



Are you looking to become Professionally Certified in Energy EFT?

Perhaps you have worked with traditional EFT …  or not…


Perhaps you have simply seen the rave reviews on Social Media about Energy EFT Foundation and are keen to know more…

Hi I am Kym Lawn and I am here to help you achieve that goal.

I get where you are at right now, I really do.

You see I have been where you are, researching training courses, trying to decide which one to do, how much they cost, how they are delivered blah blah blah.

I have also experienced what I refer to as the “post training hangover” where once you leave the training – reality kicks in and you have to deal with all the joys of modern life, and you forget most of what you learnt…

Before putting together this training I went out into the real world and asked fellow professionals what they wanted from training, how they wanted it to be delivered and most importantly, what access tot the trainer they wanted AFTER the training.

Armed with this information I believe I have put together a cutting edge training system that will allow you to truly master the art of which ever Energy Therapy you are committed to learning.

Which is exactly why I have put together the packages that I have.

Combining both practice time and theory time, with comprehensive post training support.

What you are getting from me is my commitment to help you truly master the art of Energy Therapies.

I bring to my trainings experience that spans 30 years in the healing industry alone.

Combine that with with my passion for marketing and sales, and commitment to my ongoing development as a Trainer, I believe that I can offer you a package that will have your clients lives flourish, along with your business.


  • Enrolled Nursed – 1984
  • Thought Field Therapy –  2000
  • Diploma Holistic Metaphysical Healer – 2001
  • Diploma Life Skills Counselling – 2002
  • DNA 1 & 2 & 4 level Reprogramming  – 2002
  • Basic Colour Healing – 2003
  • Reflexology level 1 – 2003
  • EFT (Gary Craig) Fundamentals Course – 2004
  • EFT (Gary Craig) Advanced Course – 2004
  • Quantum Touch – 2005
  • Certificate 3 Fitness  – 2008
  • Certificate 4 Training and Assessment TAA40104 – 2010
  • Certificate 4 Life Coaching – 2012
  • NLP Practitioner – 2013
  • EmoTrance Practitioner – 2013
  • EmoTrance Advanced Practitioner – 2013
  • EFT Master Practitioner – 2013
  • Trainer of Meridian and Energy Therapies – 2013
  • NLP Master Practitoner - 2014
  • Energy EFT Foundation - 2016